Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Digitized Electronics & Industry 4.0: The MADEin4 Initiative

Moderation Marek Kysela, Semi Europe

Marek Kysela

Semi Europe

15:15 Welcome
  Marek Kysela, SEMI Europe
15:20 Metrology Advances for Digitized ECS Industry 4.0 (MADEin4 Overall Concept)
  Dr. Nitin Singh Malik, Applied Materials
15:40 Metrology Platforms Developments for Enhanced Productivity
  Frank De Jong, Thermo Fisher
16:00 Industry 4.0 Predictive Yield and Tools Performance Pilot Line for Enhanced Productivity
  Michael Chomat, Mentor
16:20 Industry 4.0 Digitization of Manufacturing for Enhanced Productivity
  Yoav Hirch, Tower Jazz
16:40 Role of METIS in ECS skills
  Emir Demircan, SEMI Europe
16:55 Closing remarks
  Emir Demircan, SEMI Europe