Wednesday, November 13, 2019


15:00 Contact Protocol & Welcome
  Laith Altimime, President, SEMI Europe
2019 & 2020 Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market: Where are we headed?
  Lara Chamness, Senior Manager Market Analysis, SEMI
2019 & 2020 Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market: Where are we headed?
Lara Chamness

Lara Chamness
Senior Manager Market Analysis

Lara Chamness

2018 was truly a remarkable year for the industry, with the semiconductor, equipment, and materials markets all experiencing record levels. However, all good things must come to an end; headwinds in the form of excess inventory, memory pricing and trade tensions are negatively impacting the outlook for this year. This presentation will discuss the 2019 fab and materials markets and provide a forecast through 2020 for these markets.

Ms. Lara Chamness is a Senior Manager Market Analysis at SEMI® and is responsible for SEMI’s data collection programs for equipment and materials. This includes leading interactions with SEMI’s participating companies, partners and subscribers. Ms. Chamness has 19 years of industry experience and earned BA/MS degrees in environmental sciences and a MBA degree from Santa Clara University.

15:30 What to Expect from SEMI in 2020
  Reviliani Gani, Sales Manager, SEMI Europe
15:45 Pioneering Talent & Diversity Initiatives for Europe
  Cassandra Melvin, Director of Operations, SEMI Europe
16:05 Strategic Engagement through SEMI Technology Communities
  Roberto Dossi, Director of Technology Development, SEMI Europe
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16:45 How SEMI Creates Value through Advocacy & Policy
  Emir Demircan, Director of Advocacy & Policy, SEMI Europe
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