Thursday, November 15, 2018

The SOI Ecosystem and Supply Chain

12:15 Welcome by the SOI Industry Consortium
12:25 The SOI Industry Consortium 2018 Takeaways
  Dr. Carlos Mazure, Chairman & Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium
12:55 Ecosystem Partnerships to build up industrial strength
  Moderator: Dr. Jose Beriot, VP, Soitec. Panelists are executives of Semi, European Institutions, Leti, IMEC, and Industry
14:00 SOI substrate supply to support accelerated growth
  Dr. Christophe Maleville, EVP & GM, Soitec
14:30 Synergy through Partnerships with the equipment industrie
  Moderator: Giorgio Cesana, Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium. Panelists are executives of the supply chain industry
15:30 Closing Remarks & End