Wednesday, November 14, 2018

SCREEN – Enabling Technology Diversification in Europe

10:00 Introduction and Welcome
  Dr. Olivier Vatel, CTO, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.

Equipment Solution for Power Devices

10:10 Ion Implantation Solutions for Power Devices
  Ron Reece, AXCELIS Technologies
10:30 Ultrafast UV Annealing Solution for Si, SiC and GaN Power Devices
  Dr. Fulvio Mazzamuto, SCREEN LASSE

SCREEN R&D and JDP Collaboration

10:50 Advanced wet processes for 3nm devices
  Dr. Frank Holsteyns, IMEC
11:10 Cleaning/Etching within Smart Cut®: FDSOI at the front end of innovations
  Dr. Nicolas Daval, SOITEC
11:30 Low temperature process modules for 3D sequential integration
  Dr. Sebastien Kerdiles, CEA-Leti

New Equipment Presentation

11:50 ZI-3500 - A new Advanced AVI equipment
  Rosario Di Stefano, STMicroelectronics / Alessandro Rossi, SCREEN SPE Italy
12:10 SU-3300 - Advanced Single Wafer Clean
  Dr. Martin Hollfelder, SCREEN
12:30 End