Thursday, November 15, 2018

Secondary Equipment and Applications

The Evolving Landscape of the Secondary Equipment Market & Fab-Supplier Interactions
  Tom Salmon, VP, Collaborative Technology Platforms, SEMI
The Evolving Landscape of the Secondary Equipment Market & Fab-Supplier Interactions
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon
VP, Collaborative Technology Platforms

Tom Salmon

This talk will include an overall market view of secondary equipment activities, both in Europe and globally, as well as an update on the Fab Owners Alliance (now part of SEMI) and how companies in Europe can engage.

As Vice President of Collaborative Technology Platforms, Tom Salmon works with SEMI’s staff to ensure that members, standards users, and volunteers worldwide receive maximum value from their association with SEMI. Additionally, he manages a number of SEMI’s business and technology communities, including the Fab Owners Alliance, SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing initiative, the Electronic Materials Group, Advanced Packaging, and Secondary Equipment and Applications groups. Before joining SEMI, he held several management positions in manufacturing, logistics, customer relations, and sales. Salmon is a member of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Committee, the IEEE and the American Society of Association Executives, and holds a BA from the University of Minnesota and a Level One Proficiency Certificate from Japan’s Ministry of Education.

10:15 EU Regulatory Framework for SEA
  Emir Demircan, Senior Manager, Advocacy & Public Policy, SEMI
10:30 TBA
  Gareth Bignell, STMicroelectronics
10:45 TBD
11:00 TBA
  TBA, Applied Materials
11:15 Remanufacturing and related support services – customised manufacturing solutions
  Toni Sandbrink-Koblenz, memsstar
11:30 Lithography innovation for 200mm fabs
  Bert Jan Kampherbeek, Mapper
11:45 Summary & Discussion