Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Semiconductors: the driving force behind the Artificial Intelligence Evolution

10:30 Opening; Semiconductors: the driving force behind the AI Evolution
  Emir Demircan, Sr Manager Public Policy, SEMI Europe
10:35 TBA
  TBA, European Commission, DG Connect
Fuelling the AI Revolution with Gaming
  Alison B Lowndes, AL DevRel | EMEA, NVIDIA
Fuelling the AI Revolution with Gaming
Alison B Lowndes

Alison B Lowndes
AL DevRel | EMEA

Alison B Lowndes

Artificial Intelligence is impacting all areas of society, from healthcare and transportation to smart cities and energy. AI won’t be an industry, it will be part of every industry. NVIDIA invests both in internal research and platform development to enable its diverse customer base, across gaming, VR, AR, AI, robotics, graphics, rendering, visualisation, HPC, healthcare & more. Alison’s talk will introduce the hardware and software platform at the heart of this Intelligent Industrial Revolution: NVIDIA GPU Computing. She’ll provide insights into how academia, enterprise and startups are applying AI, as well as offer a glimpse into state-of-the-art research from world-wide labs & internally at NVIDIA, demoing, for example, the combination of robotics with VR and AI in an end-to-end simulator to train intelligent machines. Beginners might like to try our free online 40-minute class using GPU’s in the cloud: www.nvidia.com/dli

Artificial Intelligence DevRel | EMEA After spending her first year with NVIDIA as a Deep Learning Solutions Architect, Alison is now responsible for NVIDIA's Artificial Intelligence Developer Relations in the EMEA region. She is a mature graduate in Artificial Intelligence combining technical and theoretical computer science with a physics background & over 20 years of experience in international project management, entrepreneurial activities and the internet. She consults on a wide range of AI applications, including planetary defence with NASA, ESA & the SETI Institute and continues to manage the community of AI & Machine Learning researchers around the world, remaining knowledgeable in state of the art across all areas of research. She also travels, advises on & teaches NVIDIA’s GPU Computing platform, around the globe. Twitter: @AlisonBLowndes.

11:25 TBA
  Amit Harchandani, Director European IT Hardware and IT Software & Services, CITI RESEARCH
11:50 TBA
  TBA, Applied Materials
12:15 Closing remarks
  Emir Demircan, Sr Manager Public Policy, SEMI Europe
12:30 End