Tuesday, November 14, 2023

ALD TechDay at SEMICON Europa 2023 Powered by Beneq

15:00 Welcome Reception
15:30 Panel discussion

and Keynotes

  • Irene Popova, Nova Ltd
  • Irene Popova

    Irene Popova

    Nova Ltd

    Irene Popova

    Dr. Popova is a physical chemist and material scientist by training. She started her career at IBM Microelectronics Division in NY in 2004, where she successfully worked on developing novel types of lithographic imaging materials and their processing optimization. She has extensive experience in the semiconductor process integration and technology development side of the business both in the front and back end of the semiconductor manufacturing process. She continued her career by taking a leadership position in IBM’s advanced semiconductor packaging division in 2011, with an emphasis on R&D, before joining ancosys in 2013. Here, by engaging the team in multiple strategic collaborations, she has enabled the development of several new platforms and applications for the packaging semiconductor market, strengthening ancosys position as one of the leaders in galvanic bath inline analysis. In 2022, the company joined Nova Ltd as a chemical metrology division, and Dr. Popova now leads as a CTO in developing future applications and methodologies for chemical metrology in multiple sectors and industries.

  • Dionys van de Ven, President of the Industrial X-Ray Systems (IXS) Division, Comet Yxlon
  • Dionys van de Ven

    Dionys van de Ven
    President of the Industrial X-Ray Systems (IXS) Division
    Comet Yxlon

    Dionys van de Ven

    Dionys van de VenPresident Industrial X-Ray Systems Born 1968, Dutch citizen; Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology, EindhovenBefore joining Comet in 2022, Dionys van de Ven has led Waygate Technologies’ x-ray business unit (part of Baker Hughes) as the unit’s Business Executive since 2020. In addition, he has been serving as Managing Director of Baker Hughes Digital Solutions GmbH and member of the board of management of GE Inspection Robotics.Dionys van de Ven began his career at Philips Assembléon in 1997. In 2005 he became Director of Customer Relationship Management at Philips Applied Technologies and, in 2007, Senior Director of Customer Programs, Service and R&D at Philips Healthcare. In 2017, he joined Waygate Technologies.

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