Thursday, November 17, 2022

SCREEN: Innovation Inspired By Sustainability

10:00 Dr. Okuno Yasutoshi, Vice President & Corporate Officer of Technology Strategy, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co
10:15 Dr. S├ębastien Kerdil├Ęs, Head of Thermal Treatments Engineering, CEA - LETI
10:30 Dr. Nicolas Daval, Expertise Labs Senior Manager, SOITEC
10:45 Dr. Efrain Altamirano-Sanchez,, R&D Manager, SIP Group, imec
11:00 Andreia Santos, R&D Manager, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co
11:15 Dr. Jim Snow, Senior Technologist, SCREEN SPE USA
11:30 Alessandro Rossi, Product and Application Engineer, SCREEN SPE Europe