Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The MADEin4 Project: Driving Smart Manufacturing Excellence in the Semiconductor Industry

10:00 Opening remarks, Marek Kysela, SEMI Europe
Recent Innovations in Integrated Metrology
  Ovadia Ilgayev, Product Manager, Nova
Recent Innovations in Integrated Metrology
Ovadia Ilgayev

Ovadia Ilgayev
Product Manager

Ovadia Ilgayev

Integrated metrology (IM) is the workhorse metrology in manufacturing and a key enabler to process control. Integrated tools typically reside on the same platform as the process tool and allow easy, dedicated feed-forward and feedback for much tighter process control. In-die-based W2W (Wafer to Wafer) control is essential for yield performance in advanced technology nodes. Increased complexity of design rules and more process steps add new requirements for integrated metrology. Strong demand to measure directly on the device for better process control, new requirements for measurement of thin residues directly on structure, more parameters to be extracted from each measurement, and tightening the process window require continuous innovations in integrated metrology solutions. All these requirements need to meet sampling and cost of ownership targets for High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) control. Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be implemented with IM solutions to comply with such requirements.ML and AI have exhibited an increased demand in semiconductor fabs, and their presence is rapidly growing. There are multiple reasons to adopt ML solutions in HVM fabs, such as fast time to solution, reduction of measurement error, and high productivity. ML solutions leveraging high accuracy reference metrology data or/and electrical test data have also been proven to optimize measurement sensitivity to actual process excursions that correlate to the electrical data.As a market leader, Nova continues to drive both AI and HW innovations into the IM world. Such innovations include new process control capabilities enabled by AI and advanced Machine Learning algorithms as well as Multi-Channel Integrated metrology. In this work, we will discuss and demonstrate these and other new directions to enhance IM.

Mr. Ovadia Ilgayev is a semiconductor metrology professional with over 9 years of experience in the field. Mr. Ilgayev has been holding various positions in Nova LTD, such as Application Scientist and Application Team Leader, where he was responsible for application development for R&D activities from initial feasibility experiments and theoretical work to a beta tool at various customer sites. In his current role in Product Management department, he is working on Integrated Metrology solutions, addressing requirements for metrology challenges, adjusting products roadmap, and proliferating solutions in customer sites.Mr. Ilgayev holds a B.Sc degree in Physics and Mathematics, and an M.Sc degree in Biomedical Engineering from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

10:30 IMOCO4.E Project: Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E, Sajid Mohamed, Gijs van der Veen, Nexperia/Etech