Thursday, November 14, 2019

Designing Electronic Systems for Future Applications

14:30 Welcome
  Bob Smith, Executive Director at Electronic System Design Alliance
14:40 How Electronic System Design is Enabling Innovations in the Automotive Sector
15:00 Near-Threshold Logic Benefits the Full Application Stack
  Lauri Koskinen, CTO and Co-founder, Minima
15:20 Deep Learning for Electronics Design
15:40 Why Digital Companies are Designing their own Hardware
16:00 Designing Secure Applications for IP & Cyber Security Arm
16:20 Shift from classic space to Space 2.0
  Christian Slayer, Field Application Engineer, Cobham
16:40 Verification 3.0 & RISC-V
  Moderation by Jim Hogan, Managing Partner, Vista Ventures LLC. Panelists: Adnan Hamid, CEO, Breker Verification Systems; Simon Davidmann, CEO, Imperas Software
17:30 SEMI & ESDA
  Networking Hour
18:00 End